If We Lie To

our children they will grow up to lie to us.

It is a curious fact about people who habitually lie that they expect to always be told the truth. I am not sure if this is because their lies are never thought out, it is just the way they are and they are so used to being that way they have long since ceased to think about themselves as liars; or because they are pig-headed enough to believe no one sees through their lies. What is obvious is that they have learned to get by in life by lying.

And their children hear them and are quite able to separate the truth from the lies and that becomes part of their education. Why then should liars not expect their children to lie to them? Why should it be a surprise?

Added to this we all lie to our children thinking we are not lying but creating some kind of childhood for them. It is always a shock to know Santa Claus does not exist whatever age it is we learn it. There is something wonderful in our childhood imaginations that good overcomes evil and there are recognizably good and evil people. Nothing is farther from the truth. The simplistic world we teach to our children is not the real world at all.

But maybe it is the world we all long to be living in?

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