How Do Artists Survive?

I have in passing made distinctions between people who are active in the arts world and people who are Artists. Whether musicians, sculptors, poets etc. Perhaps I should say what I think I know about Artists, in whatever art form they are found.

Artists are driven people. If they have other work, if they make money in other ways, they hate it. It is a compromise. If they can starve successfully and still create their works they would rather do that. It is this self centred, driven character that means whilst they are often difficult to live with, they need to live with someone who can interface for them with the world. This is why men are traditionally more numerous throughout the Arts than women even today because men find it easier to find a woman to sacrifice her life to them, than women find men who will sacrifice their life for them.

And it is a sacrifice. Everything is the for the Art and the artist can get very selfish. Usefully ego destroys the Artist so you can have a Thomas Hardy who is mean and hurtful to his wives but still writes about women with a sensitivity few men have managed, whilst an Ernest Hemingway soon became no more than a parody of himself. He could have been so much better.

Artists are our conscience as a society. As such they only get one ear, if that, are often ignored in their life time and always tortured by their emotions and dedication.

Everyone else is merely creative.

(Having been upbraided by a friend I need to point out this is an observation and not at all about me)

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