My rough collie loves to be brushed. If we are playing and I pick up her brush she knows exactly how it feels and though she will wag her tail and shake her head she enjoys every minute of it. I like to think she feels the way I do when someone does something nice for me and there is a pleasant feeling that flows through my body, probably from a series of chemicals released into my muscles. Much the same as having someone massage your head.

I know people are supposed to feel the same who are massaged so I think that it is obviously a lovely thing for human beings to stroke animals and each other but why? Are these things, which may be broadly considered, acts of peacefulness, made to make us feel good so we aspire to peace? When someone does something for us without regard to anything but how we feel, are we supposed to be enthused with such gentleness and delight that we seek out these feelings more often?

I actually wonder if this is the reason some people love Christianity because the ‘feel good’ factor can be so high knowing a divinity loves you.

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  • Opinions of Some Woman

    Obviously, this feeling varies from one person to the next. There really is no right way to feel and though I can not speak for the majority I can say that when I do an act of kindness for someone I would hope that the end result is a feeling of happiness. Or as you put it, peace. And I do not mean peace as in ending wars, though the thought would be nice. I mean being content, if even for a few seconds directly after the act of kindness.

    Someone once told me that when people do acts of kindness they do them for the adrenaline rush of doing good. I cannot say it never happens because I have known people to do just that, however, the number of people I know who do acts of kindness unconditionally far outweigh those with conditions. Or so they tell me…. *G*

    As for Christianity and the feel good factor, perhaps they do, but I believe a lot of it has to do with a combination of the inbred fear of what would happen to a person if they do not believe in a deity and the overwhelming feeling of needing hope in their lives. A four letter word with a huge amount of strength behind it.

    • I did not think about how I fell when I brush me dog – its not the same because i am only speaking about little things rather than say, running to save someone from a speeding car. You know how it feels when someone brushes your hair!

  • Opinions of Some Woman

    I knew what you meant. I still stand by what I say. 😉 When I was talking about the adrenaline rush I meant for doing good in general, not just the big things. People can get a ‘high’ from doing good for others no matter what the act is. Just some people enjoy that ‘high’ more than thinking about what others might feel.

  • Another's Woman's Opinion

    Actually it’s twofold…or it should be. I think about a mother doing something special for her child. As a mother I did that many times. I didn’t think about how I would feel before or after. I didn’t do the deed for me. I did it for my child so my child would feel happiness. So in that regard the deed didn’t make me happy. My child did.

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