Fascism Never Goes Anywhere

The Code of Hammurabi is the oldest set of laws that have survived the millennia and it reads as a pretty much fascist handbook. Every slight against the =state is punishable by death, having your nose cut off and other memorable legal acts of violence.

The Circus Maximus in Rome was a completely fascist  concept and survived on domination, conquest and slavery.

After the Second World War 70,000 paid up members of the Nazi party were allowed to go free and you can find some of them recorded telling audiences where they went wrong and how to get it right next time.

The new Nazi’s marching in America surprise no one who knows American history. The thinking that created them in prevalent in Australia and right across the Arab world. The chauvinism  that is prepared to denigrate all other life in a thirst for personal status. The lust to be in control. The need to in command. And the horrific voyeurism to be the one who walks away from a  massacre. To see blood flowing and for it not to be ours.

We excuse this fascism in our movies, in our fairy stories, in our national myths. We excuse it in our politics when we talk of ‘other countries’ as if we were not one race with many cultures.

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