Extending Speach

A few years ago a British magazine ran a brief and unscientific survey. They took two teenage boys, one who had left school early and one who was studying to go to university and asked them what law they would enact if they had the power. They both, in different ways, replied they would rather repeal a few laws first. What the magazine showed was that education did not display intelligence as both saw the same thing, but it did describe a completely different way of speaking and phrasing the response.

Now we all know that persuasive people are often fluent and engaging but we are not all aware that these things can be learned. That advanced syntax and grammar will actually help one to utilise language for the powerful tool that it is not just to communicate but to persuade. We often do not stop to think that for everything that can be said there are thousands of ways of putting it and every brain has a slightly different slant on how it uses its native language. It is these changes that drive the evolution of linguistic changes and describe idiom.

If you want to use language effectively it is not enough to now the words, you have to come at people from that slight angle of incidence that makes them listen.

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