I have heard people say ‘x takes enjoyment from the little things’ and I have begun to wonder if ‘things’ give joy, are there any that are little?

We are very wrapped up in what we as humans consider to be minor and major elements of our society and most of them have to do in some measure with our ‘standing’ when viewed by others. To me this is all wrong. It doesn’t matter if a perfume is expensive or cheaper, if you made it yourself from rose petals or someone else made it by hand..all that matters is how you enjoy it one way or another.

The little thing you see are truly priceless but we have forgotten in our anxiety to put a monetary value on everything that just because there is a lot of something, it does not devalue its true worth. That kind of thinking is very dangerous for there are those who say there are millions of people who will kiss a few of them? Acceptable risk is not an ethical decision making process.

The little things may be worthless in terms of money but they are the things that make enjoyment deeper. A fresh day, a quiet moment, a perfect hedge flower, a dry piece of grass lazily dying down, a cool glass of water on a warm day.

Enjoyment comes from being able to live through everything you touch and see, to share your being with the moments and all they contain. Yes life is difficult without money, but it  is still enriched without any of the big things.

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