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I was talking with friends recently and it was pointed out to me that some people believe it is the speed with which people write their verse, or paint, or whatever art it is they practice, that proves their talent. I actually think is absurd given that even those who create might have thought about the subject for months before they actually start, and given that some fine works of art took years and decades to finish.

But I can understated the flawed thinking. Because if someone can give a great speech ex tempore without much revision and thought they are seen as having very fast brains and that makes them ‘more intelligent’ than average – or more assured at the very least.

However it is not the speed of the brain that matters. Works of art of any calibre are not better for being done quickly or slowly, and whilst we may marvel at Mozart’s ability to write his music without errors first time I know a few poets who do the same because the actual creation takes place in their thoughts, away from paper, and may take days.

Artists are always thinking. That’s how you know they are artists, their dedication is lifelong and they rush nothing. It might look fancy to the outsider to take a few minutes to make something brilliant but that’s usually smoke and mirrors.

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