The Essential Atheism

There are many reasons for people being agnostic and / or atheist. I actually quite like the Gnostic way of thinking thought it was seen as a heresy by the early Christian church and believers were hunted down and killed. Nice.

But in the main by atheism is heavily reliant upon what religions tell me their god is, because it is obvious such a god cannot exist. That a god may exist in a metaphysical sense cannot be disproven or proven,  but when people start to tell you what god is, that is when their foolishness becomes evident.

If you believe god is all powerful and all good, you are wrong. No all powerful, all good god could make it a principle of nature that life feed upon life, with all the bloodshed, pain, sorrow and death that such a principle necessarily embraces. And this is one of hundreds of flaws in the arguments of those who presume to describe what god is and what god thinks. If you are going to believe in a  god, stop making it into a religion. That is your big mistake.


Where are the leaders who have a certain tyranny in their minds, which translates into  authoritarianism, but when they have served their agreed time go and live quiet lives, out of the limelight, and let others do the work? Where are the thinkers whom we all look up to and admire for the clarity of their thoughts? Are we so bereft of intellect that poorly spoken, intellectually challenged singers and entertainers are the whole of all we can quote, all we can follow, all we can talk about?

And yet the Circus Maximus in Rome, the first born of the fascist state in Europe, was built for the entertainment value in shedding blood, not for the polity? Did Pericles, to show Athenian power, did not build homes for the disabled but a temple. Do kings and queens not laud themselves in pomp as a spectacle?

Human beings experience each other and nature. That is what we do and what defines us in our dimensional existence. And that experience is a series of actions that builds up in our lives and rules us, becoming are our ethics. Wherever we are, whoever we are, we all have ethical considerations and yes, they are all different for all that religions try to make then uniform.

But you cannot impose the idea of self upon an individual. All you can do is assuage the selfishness within them, and it is that which gives us strength.

The selfless person is the strongest human being known. They are the people who give up power when it is right to do so and take up power only if it is right for them to do so and not because they can. They are the people who build for the weak and ridicule the selfish in their every action. They are the true kings and queens of us all.

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