The Infinite Divided by the Fantastical

There are an infinite number of worlds and they all exist inside our heads.

The exercise of imagining possible worlds where things can be true that are not true in the world we experience has been a useful philosophical tool. It does expand the range of thoughts and helps to itemise for the library that is our thoughts, the possible reasons why we have the world we have. It is an exercise long superceded by scientific method, if it wasn’t so when Leibniz first discussed it.

But in the world of literature such thoughts have been the mainstay of writers since the beginning. Because every world is actually this world, the forms and conceits that make us think truth and reality are one and the same are only the default positions we take because we are taught to. There are an infinite number of truths and those underlying our experiences have yet to be discovered.


Prague doesn’t use the compass points like other cities. It long ago decided its pathways and routes and thinking would wend like the river, though descriptions will\always tell you the Vltava runs North into the city, believe them if you will.

The churches flow across the city in no particular order, the National Gallery starts on the second floor and you circle around rooms and down a floor being told the exhibition continues from door to door until it ends. As you walk into an old palace you find birds of prey being exhibited to the public, dancers on the promenade, singers on the boats that slide along the river with tourists far out-numbering the locals. Prague flows, with all the bustle and camera pointing of tourist cities and with its own,  growing mindfulness of the world outside.

Half an hour driving from the centre you are still in the countryside. Twenty minutes and you are still on unmarked roads looking at dilapidated houses and seeing people ‘getting by’ in a landscape rich in colours. This is not a major city but it seems with all the building it is a city that wants to know where it is going.

Edmund’s Law

I have a friend of long standing – over twenty years now – whom I have watched marry, build a home and have three children. He is also pretty much an agnostic. But there is one thing that he think proves there is probably a god.

Nothing he ever plans goes smoothly. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, and this is such a law for him that he is in no doubt it cannot be statistically normal. There has to be a mind behind the misfortunes.

I am reminded of a story of a missionary out in the sticks whose mule bucked and threw her into the mud. Plastered and dirty she complained to her god and he told her he treated all his friends this way; to which she replied to him that was the reason he had so few friends.

Happily my friend does not speak to god or hear god’s voice, but he knows a lot about being plastered with mud for no better reason than that the mud was available and someone had to be covered in it.

As proofs for the existence of god go – and there several – the existence of Murphy’s Law is one of the more convincing.

Love in Old Age

A series of poems on the many loves of humanity is now out. This is love in old age:


Your eyes speak of my youth and my hand holds
Yours with that ease of emotion only
Years can grow; suppleness has changed to folds,
Wrinkles crease our nakedness, laughingly
The young would fun. What do they know? Your breasts
Suckled our children (and me once or twice),
And now our skins are thin, our love’s contests
Are tactile drawings of our minds, which slice
Into our hours, sending ripples of sex
Around the day – I kissed your body in
To my being so now it is the text
From which I read – for everything – loving.

Tenderness does not age, how then can we?
Look into my eyes, see your youth in me!


The topic of importance in the UK today is the ridiculous manner in which 51.9% of the British public wanted to believe the lies about Europe being touted by Boris Johnson, Michael Gove et al.

There is no doubt a large section of the society over here dislikes what it has been told Europe does, and after all who wants to be ruled? To be ruled by a monarchy where one family lives free of all the laws they wish to be free from but for those they agree to, and are so possessed of preferential treatment it cannot be said they actually live in society at all. This creates a state that is not meritorious (and where is such a state to be found?) but we love the Windsors so that rule is ok.

There is no doubt that in 300 years of rule the Conservative Party / Tory Party was not always at the forefront of women’s, worker’s and equal rights preferring to take the side of business and its needs first, but that’s ok too because we all want to be ruled by money.

But we don’t want to have to sit around  table with the French. That’s too much. We don’t want to be given money as grants that come with a series of outcomes we have to achieve because that is dominion over us through control of cash flow.

The self given lies for doing the absurd used to be the stuff of pantomimes and if it were not for the devastation being brought upon a country and millions of her people, the hilarity with which they deal with this in the future could be a joke I would share.

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