There is a strange but telling line, repeated, in the Noah story, that god makes a promise to Noah and his family and all living creatures. It is pretty obvious from a critical viewpoint that animals had nothing to do with the iniquities of human beings, but that they suffered hugs losses because of those iniquities. So the myth makers had god promise the animals the same thing, and at the same time, god promised human beings.

Which means god talks to animals, they understand god and they understand what a promise is. Which makes me think that when they are being herded into abattoirs mooing, squealing, bleating and screaming god does know what they are saying.

If they are screaming not be killed I would posit a wholly ethical god could not allow meat eaters into heaven. For, after all, who slaughters the weak begging to be spared?


There  was a time when people moved around the world in small groups, maybe even in one family groups, and, when they met each other, like wolves, perhaps, the elders sat down and made sure everyone was going to be peaceful, and then they moved on or maybe talked about their experiences and maybe even, ate together.

There are several deeply ingrained traditions to do with being hospitable to strangers in many cultures. All of them  suggesting you be thoughtful and share, none, as far as I know, demand you thieve and kill them.

Indifference to the stranger is something that modern societies have created. Would it harm to feed one or two people in your area? I doubt it. To ask someone having a bad day if they need help. to be friends, even for an hour, with someone you don’t know nor will ever see again.

Here is a Knife Like Other Knives

The quote is from A E Houseman who beautiful encapsulates the dilemma of death for us all; as far as we know it is the end of the universe for each of us. Whatever dream we care to believe in and whatever hope we have accepted, death kills everything else for each us.

It is why life is to be cherished in all living things. Because when you kill, or have something killed for you, you end the Universe for that being. And to love life, and bring life, creates the whole universe for that being.

Worth thinking about.

Teeth Cleaning

My Rough Collie, now 9 and 4 months, has to have her teeth cleaned today. They will put her out, shave a piece of her tail so they can monitor her blood pressure, and descale her teeth and probably take out two small ones in the front. All being well she will come home at 3.30pm UK time a little groggy, hungry and her funny smile when she looks up will have a gap in it.

It isn’t very dignified but I will be able to tell her that I am having two big fillings done next month and I too will be feel a bit of pain and have a numb mouth and so I hope she will forgive me her indignity.


Unlimited Bandwidth

I fought a long battle in Cornwall when we were on dial-up, and it annoyed me that the fibre-optics went a mile outside my door all the way to London first and yet it took years to get it nearer to me. That said my speed greatly increased with ‘super-fast’ broadband – approximately 1 /12th of what Americans can get as standard.

Now,after all these years,I realise that what I use most is just an extension of libraries and TV – from wikipedia to youtube. I read papers online, see what friends are doing instead of telephoning them, read online maps for travel and ‘facetime’ people. Not much difference to my life style.

I am actually grateful for non-screen time and have started to read books again instead of reading them as epubs or mobi.

The Game is Done – We Lost

Evolution gave us intelligence. Our nature gave us hypocrisy. Art gave us irony.

It isn’t that everyone talks ethics and practices very little of what they say. It isn’t that everyone is acting in pretty selfish ways and gives very little trust to everyone else because, let’s face it, who is wholly trustworthy? It isn’t the competing agendas, the failure of politics, the crassness of economics, the death of so many species, the degradation of our living standards. It isn’t that children are not safe anywhere or that women are not safe anywhere.

It’s that we lie about all this, all the time, to ourselves by not seeing it is our fault. Each and every one of us.

Tired With Death

I get the Palestinians are angry and tired and I get they want to destroy Israel – the British and French spent centuries killing each other as did all the European countries and the Arab tribes who still seem to take pride in blood feuds. I get they want action and I get they blame the West for most of their troubles. I would argue the last one but it isn’t important right now.

What is important is that given the situation and given the history every single Palestinian in Gaza knows if they take children to the  hot zone they will get children killed. Yet they take them.

That is sickening parenting, sickening protection and sickening standards.

Sunshine and Showers

I wonder what the Eurovision Song Contest does anymore. It was conceived as a musical way to bring countries together and have a party, united in how they felt about each other, though it has to be said for decades some of the voting was rather partisan. But that gave Terry Wogan a chance to be deprecating about certain countries.

Then some artists went on to make fortunes and see it as a part of their career path so they started to sing in English in preference to their own languages. It is highly nationalistis in its approach with all the flags and and face paint and the host country doing the tourist thing.

In any case the most soulful song ever to come out of it is Non Ho L’Età. I am glad I don’t watch it.

Time to Stop Talking

It is wise to talk, to philosophise with friends and antagonists, to chart your way through the maze of thinking that is human history. The ideas that work, that don’t work, that work in a particular culture, ideas that may change the world, others that leave it the same but feeling different; all this talking is vital.

But when the coffee is put away and the alcohol stops flowing should there then be a time to act on all the talking? In a society where people are scared of being laughed at, of being seen as doing something wrong they did not think was wrong, where people do not own the standards they demand, can one just simply talk?

And if one is to act, how, with whom and when?

Why Save Them

Many years ago a friend of mine from college made the faux pas of thinking babies came out feet first. Laughing my mother said ‘I don’t know why I am trying to teach you and he said ‘because it is evolutionary wise.’

Whenever you get frustrated at the ignorance you face or the fear people have of changing their minds, or the plain stupidity of what they are saying and they fight you as you try to tell them there are mirrors on the moon used by university physics departments all over the world for experiments using lasers, or that racism shows their lack of empathy or eating animals shows their lack of ethics…just remember without you there is no evolution in our thinking.

The Side Effects of Being Liberal

When you listen to the people who head up the fascist movements presently feeling their strength, it is impossible to believe they ever accepted or wanted broadly liberal values of inclusivity, equality if opportunity, and equal rights.

I have been told the liberals are to blame for what has happened because they ignorantly left behind the poor and alienated a huge segment of society but I think that huge segment of left behind poor has always existed and they joined armies to fight fascists and from their ranks last century as universal education kicked in, came dozens of leaders who also fought the fascists who have a propensity to often be independently wealthy.

What fascists have honed in upon is that global trading and corporate thinking has given work to those who ask for the least salaries. Get rid of that nonsense and fascism will seep back into its minority box.

May the Music Follow You

Many years ago a boyfriend of my mother’s bought a Honer Piano Accordion in a music shop. He taught me to play Irish melodies by numbering the keys but I never really got into it. This large instrument has been sitting in the house ever since and now it has come to moving, I have sold it.

The man who came to the house knew he was getting a bargain and I knew I was giving it to musicians who would tidy it up and look after it and above all, play it.

I wish all who hear it joy and dancing.

Anxious to Succeed

Everyone seems so anxious to succeed in their chosen lifestyle – they count down their birthdays as if the lifespan of a human being has any meaning in a universe billions of years old – and they accept the expectations society has attributed to certain ages. I once heard a woman say on the radio ‘if you are over forty and on a bus you are a failure’. Now the world has turned and they all wish we had better bus services and we were all on buses to help save the planet.

It is all about reaching certain goals, being a certain kind of woman or man. And it is all about counting time. No one just enjoys ‘being’ anymore.

Forgotten Foods

We are so used to going to supermarkets to be force fed salt, sugar and additives we have forgotten that the clean hedgerows of the United Kingdom – and probably much of Europe – contain plenty of edible plants. I was reminded of how useful they can be today when walking with Anna Tam of the Wild Roses ( and we gave our nine year old walking companion garlic leaves and primrose petals to eat.

He didn’t like the wild garlic leaves. But there was much there that could be eaten though not the fern leaf he tried to give me. Not everything is edible.

The Artist’s Dilemma

Across all the arts today, and perhaps always but most certainly today, the artist faces a decision. To be their own person, not bend the knee to grant bodies or a patron and so be throughout their lives fairly unknown to completely unknown and whatever their art is, be unheeded. Or, to bend the knee and gain recognition but by so doing not produce the art they really want to produce but a creature part them and part the expectations of whoever gives them finance.

These are not impressive alternatives and it is because they exist that artists today have not been allowed to do their job of being the conscience of their cultures. In this way fascism has encroached upon our shores once more.

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