I decided a while back that the perfect way to complete A Brief History Of Lies would be to add some cartoons to the book. Nothing complicated simple black and white drawings – but humorous. Since one of my friends told me the book was ‘ a bit dark’ when talking about how we lie to ourselves I realized the quotes by the famous were not a light enough touch.

Not being able to draw I found it difficult to find anyone who could and wanted to, much less to do six or seven drawings for no up-front payment.  Just a share of the book sales. I wonder if that is because they have no faith in me at all to sell any just sitting here at my computer.

Anyway this week I hope finally to see some work, with this month as the month I wish to publish in and a ten day delivery time for any proofs I am hoping they are good. If they are not I have to start again because it is of no value to me or readers to publish something I am unhappy with to the smallest degree.

This is why if you self-publish you should have multiple skills. I am glad to be able to comprehend web page creation and typography but I wish I could draw…finding first rate artists to work on my children’s books is not going to be easy.  I have found a few excellent people on linked-in but they are all professionals and work for a good children’s fantasy could take as long as a year.

So a lot rides on A Brief Of Lies – and my acumen at marketing myself.

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