This morning is very bright and sunny, chilly to the skin and the leaves are all massed along the sides of the road and strewn across the fields. The grass is so wet it is more like paddling than walking but the sun was just at the right angle for me to catch the spider webs thrown across the narrow road. Normally I would duck under them and let the first cars break them but there were many today I did just walk on.

I had a long conversation with myself as to what I would do with  huge amounts of money and realised that I didn’t want personal jets and private yachts. Strange because I always thought I would but then I realised as one gets older and that wisdom hits home, a selflessness coems. It isn’t that the ‘things’ money buys are not enjoyable and make one look good, it is that priorities change as one ages from looking good to doing good.

Looking good is the stuff of youth because youth is the stuff of sex. The pretty houses and well dressed look prettier themselves to prospective partners. As one gets older and those things become unimportant, what one sees is the world of pain and if one had the power to do something about that . . .

I also realised after years of thinking about it that the great ideal of Jesus dying on the Cross is nothing to do with a deity forgiving sins. The honest wisdom in the story is that we can do good, heal and forgive, without dying and without charge.

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