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It is strange to think that the United Kingdom, with thousands of miles of coast and sea view properties, has given an postal area code to every inch of sea. Almost as strange as through International treaty having three miles of the Atlantic all the way round as a buffer zone in which everything becomes governed by UK Law. I wonder if the currents think about that.

For all our thin layer of control it is at once frightening and comforting that nature take absolutely no notice of us at all. Nature is such an almighty power that we are to her as, playthings who can upset her, endanger parts of her but do absolutely nothing substantive to alter her courses. We cannot dig a trench deep enough or a damn high enough to truly be masters.

And this is comforting when you think of all the men and women who try to be masters of other men and women. When you think how egoistical power makes people and the character types who pursue power with all their might and cunning. Just Canute’s unable to make nature bow by an inch to their will.

When human beings finally stop trying to own everything and realise they are wholly owned by nature, a little bit of wisdom might penetrate our sordid and destitute civilisation.

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