And Man Created Fire

There is a great yearning inside humanity for warmth. Warmth keeps us alive, makes us feel good and cures many aches and pains. Warmth is our emotional friend. And a certain amount of artificial warmth is always beneficial whether it be a log fire or a warm hot water bottle to warm your feet. But too much warmth is our enemy, too much fire destroys what we have built. too much warmth makes us ill.

In all things as the Eastern religions tell us, balance is necessary. And this is very true but we do not even take that philosophy far enough because balancing the ‘things’ of life and our daily routine is not to balance everything. There should be balance in our thoughts. For every belief we hold we should hold the counter belief, if both are beliefs. We should learn to  understand and to not be able to understand. As the Universe of matter is mirrored by the atomic universe of particles so our beliefs are mirrored by our natures.

There is no escaping that ideas of beliefs are inventions – if they were not inventions they would not be beliefs but facts – and we have yet to learn that too much believing is harmful.

Balance what you think you know, what you don’t know and what you cannot know.

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