An Ancient Task

It isn’t so much getting up in the morning, as wanting to get up in the morning. Bringing yourself to the day and the day to yourself. And it isn’t so much not wanting to face the day, as not wanting to face what you have come to fill your days with, the chains of society.

We are still trying to survive. No longer just walking the Serengeti with a dirty spear and bare feet, we have other tigers to be careful of: the constant need for money, the constant need to eat, the constant need to sleep safely. And so many of us are not managing, millions of us.

And they do not suffer the torment of teeth crushing the bones, but the longer tortures. The lifetime of tortures. You can be secure and still be failing. You can be rich and still be failing. You can be asleep and still not be dreaming. For the art of life is a balance that reflects the brilliant balance of nature. We have lost the balance.

This is nothing to do with spirituality, it is to do with stewardship of nature. To maintain fresh water is beyond many of us. To grow trees not cut them down is beyond many of us. To plunder without cause seems to be our ignorant course. To convert nature into money has no long-term merits.

We get up in the morning but so much is still darkness.

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