Age Not Anger

As we get older society changes around us.  That means that a heavy weight of opinion forms in new ways in other minds, and that leads to different ways of viewing different things either in business or in law or any of the many characteristics of our times. We can embrace these changes or reject them.

I see a letter Robert Preston  has written asking his dead father what to do now, how the vote for Brexit makes him feel he has been blind to the lives of millions inside his own society. Coming as he does from working for the Financial Times all his career then into the BBC as a leading exponent of capitalism and a commentator of its ills, I think he is feeling guilty. If, as I, we still think one world view, countries working together, eradicating war, hunger, want, being inclusive of all talents is still worthwhile, then we must fight. There is nothing else to do.

The worst aspect of Oxbridge is that it produces thinkers and leaders but no fighters. I know of no one in recent years who was or is prepared to die for their beliefs if called upon to do so. We think that calling is gone, we think the world has changed, people have mutated into something else and we find, they have not.

Westminster became a club a long time ago. The Labour movement tried to break in but was changed by it, into a compliant form of Socialism under Blair. When the riots start, and they will start, no one from Oxbridge will be leading them because no from Oxbridge is angry enough at injustice.


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