Let’s All Lie Together

I don’t know when, or if there was a specific time, we all came to accept a low degree of honesty in politics. Across the board, in all ages that we have records for, people in power have lied to the people they rule. And the people they rule, in the majority, don’t seem to care.

Maybe we would all lie in the same situation. Maybe we feel if you have political enemies you cannot tell the whole truth because that would give them power over you. Gandhi always told the facts as he saw them and we respect his name above many, many others.

The fact is politicians were liars long before they went into politics and they were lied to by everyone all their lives, as we all are. Human beings are not truthful animals and that, sadly, is the foundation on all the problems we face in the world. It underpins our economics, our politics, are society for what you see around you – that is what you get when millions of people lie to each other every day.

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