It’s an Old Adage

Years ago I used to say that if you travelled through India into rural villages, in each one you would find one overweight man sitting on a verandah doing nothing while everyone else was busy and thin. That man was the one to whom all the others were indentured from birth – or a slave owner in common parlance.

I am sure in some places they still bond their children to pay debts but it isn’t as widespread as it used to be, I hope. But this whole continuous story of young girls being enslaved to provide sex for men is still embedded in our society – as long as the girls are runaways, with no one to care much about them, and / or foreigners.

It is long past the time when men should be held responsible for this. The men who pimp these girls should be imprisoned and the men who buy them should be criminalized and publicly shamed. Slavery has many debased forms but none of them should exist in European society.

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