Oprah for President

Back in the eighties when Oprah Winfrey first reached the screen on British TV my mother had a TV (unusually) and she called me saying I had to watch this ‘unusual black woman’. From that moment for several years we watched her often, opening up the true lives of real Americans, and what a revelation it all was. Then she got very, very Hollywood and a lot of the appeal vanished.

That she is intelligent and heartfelt in her approach is undeniable, but President? It doesn’t matter, I suppose, that her long term partner Steadman had a lot to do with the antisemitic black groups but  we had a movie star as President and his fiscal policies have led directly the the financial crisis.

She would do the required reading and find the countries on the atlas, but everyone knows she could not stand to send men and women to war. Which would give licence to warlords across the globe. She would also never resist going to Hollywood gatherings, so really, not a very serious contender.

However, there is no doubt, if she ran, she would win.

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