It Jumps

Progress doesn’t march. Unless you think armies bring progress, or Empires. And what with 24 hour news telling us what armies really do when they fight, and the long overdue re-assessment of the British Empire by those who suffered under its colonialism, I think we can do without any marching.

No, progress jumps and leaps. It can stagnate for decades and then suddenly be unleashed. Imagine, we have been around 200,000 years with the same size brain but we only got into agriculture 10,000 years ago. 190,000 years without a field or farm gate, what were we doing? Somewhere we invented fire and could finally eat dead animals without killing ourselves. Sometime we invented the wheel. 2,000 years ago we go to get a clock.

In the last fifty years it hasn’t leapt as much as done the 100 metre dash. Now progress is taking us to  nano-machines, DNA rewriting of the human being and Artificial Intelligence that will rival the human mind.

How much faster can progress go?

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