Can We Ever See Ourselves

The point about demons in mythology has always been, to me, that they are made out to be evil from our point of view, because they are naturally so. To me the problem is they don’t see themselves as demons; what they are, to them, is perfectly normal.

I know this is story-making but it is relevant to how we see ourselves and the myths we make up about our tribes. We cannot see that to the animal world, we are demons. We cannot see that when we say our nations are the best in world we disrespect other nations as liberal, as democratic, as worthy of the label as our own.

Saying no one is perfect, or that we will progress in time, does not even begin to address the fundamental problem in that we lie to ourselves. We are so used to lying to ourselves that we no longer see the truth.

Everything we do makes this earth a Hell. We pollute, war and destroy without qualm. It is about time we recognised that life is shared, that progress means we all share an ethical core and no other kind of core, that beliefs should not be our law and to empathize with suffering is not a weakness.

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