History Lessons

I spent the weekend with the London editor of the New Art Examiner and his grandchildren visited, which necessitated a card game about history. We had seven cards each at a time, with an historical event on the front and behind it the date of that event which we were not allowed to see. Then as we answered correctly we put the cards on the floor in chronological order and the more cards, the closer you had to be right about the year of the event.

The ten year old I sat with knew the Fire of London and when World War 2 ended (I was impressed) and listened to me little attempts to tell her who Joan of Arc was, though why the makers of this game thought anyone but those on it would know when the 12th Crusade was, is baffling.

We ended up with a line from the creation of the world to the Gulf War in 1991. Not bad for little cards.

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