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Part of me is gratified with the few discussions people are beginning to have about living without leaders even if the discussion are not yet mainstream. However the views I have read stem from disenchantment with the politics we face – lying western leaders, despotic tyrants, self serving tribal leaders and what have you. None of them actually look at what people are, and ask the valuable questions as to whether we have the leaders we deserve.

To live without leaders would mean we have to possess as individuals a high levels of ethics. A level of ethics that would serve to allow us to trust each other. What Muslim would entrust their lives to a Buddhist, what Christian would entrust their lives to a Muslim, what Taoist would entrust their lives to a Hindu, what native of any country would entrust their lives to anyone?

You see in all honesty no one should lead anyone they do not love, for it is only when our emotions are involved that we act for ethical and not selfish reasons. Why do you think bonds of family and friendship figure so highly on all leadership agenda? No one can show that strength of connection with a vast populations, and no population can ask anyone to.

If you are fighting for a leaderless world you are actually fighting for a degree of honesty to prevail in all human activity that has been lacking for the totality of our history.

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